Friday, July 19, 2013


I've never been much of a pet person. I liked the kittens we had when I was younger, but only when they were kittens. I got a cute little kitty and named him 'Charlie' when I was 19 and after a month or so decided it wasn't working out so I brought him to my dads house and I came back to pet him once in awhile.
When I saw my kids love for animals it changed my mind, a little. As soon as Zeke learned to communicate he's always shown an interest in animals, especially puppies. Whenever he would see one he'd stick his tongue out and say "ruff, ruff, ruff", before he could even say puppy. He pretends to be one daily, getting on all fours and giving puppy kisses, even in the middle of the grocery store.
We finally decided it would be fun and a good way to teach them some responsibility to get a pet. We went to the pet store and after seeing the teddy bear hamster decided on him. For the ride home they put him in a little cardboard box with air holes. I held him cause we were afraid of what Zeke would do if he got a hold of him in the backseat. As soon as we started driving I saw his tiny little teeth in the air holes trying to make his way out of his little carrying box, when he ripped through enough to where he could climb out Michael held him in there, and drove.